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5 Reasons DBAs are More Important Than Ever!

As data becomes increasingly important—along with related technologies like IoT and machine learning—it’s no surprise that our roles as DBAs are changing. To me, it is why I love this industry. For most of us, learning innovative technology is fun, and we wouldn’t want it any other way. However, change can be as scary as […]

Limitations of UTF-8 in SQL Server

Microsoft in the News Attention all you hackers out there! Microsoft is looking to reward people who can discover vulnerabilities in Azure DevOps (previously known as Visual Studio Team Services) and the latest release of Azure DevOps server. They will pay up to $20,000 US for the discovery of eligible vulnerabilities. Even if you find […]

SQL Server 2019 Introduces UTF-8 Support

Microsoft in the News As part of Microsoft’s commitment to sustainability, their newest tech campus will come with a Net-Zero Water certification. This is an important feature for buildings in California. Largely due to agriculture, California uses more water than any other state. As droughts become more severe due to climate change, water is becoming […]